Maths interactives

Interactive teaching programs


   Calculating angles
   Counting on and back
   Data handling
   Decimal number line
   Division Grid
   Fixing points
   Function blocks
   Isometric grid
   Line graph
   Measuring cylinder
   Measuring scales
   Moving digits
   Multiplication array
   Multiplication board
   Multiplication facts
   Multiplication grid
   Multiplication tables
   Number dials
   Number facts
   Number grid
   Number line
   Number spinners
   Ordering numbers
   Place value
   Ratio and proportion
   Remainders after division
   Tell the time
   Twenty cards

The National Numeracy Strategy began developing and trialling Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) in January 2002. The Primary National continued their development resulting in thirty eight ITPs being published by October 2006. The latest version of each ITP of can be run from this CD-ROM.

Each ITP has an introductory guide which shows how to operate the program. You can read the guide for an ITP by clicking on its title from the left-hand menu. If you prefer the guides on paper, you can open and print out the ITP guides from the column on the right of this page.

ITP buttonYou can run an ITP from its guide page by clicking on the ITP button or run it directly from the 'itp' directory on this CD-ROM.

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