Ideas and Resources to support a Primary Project about inventors and discoverers using the Internet.


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These hands-on activities are designed to encourage children to find out about different aspects of inventors and discoverers.

Each Activity Sheet is designed to print out onto an A4 sheet of paper.

(N.B. - if your printout does not fit onto a single sheet of A4 paper try adjusting the font in your browser's preferences file or reduce the scale in your printer-driver software.)

1. Who am I?

Print out the Who am I activity sheet.

Can you identify the 8 inventors or discoverers from the descriptions?

Use the Links page to find the information.

2. Word Search
Print out the Word Search activity sheet.

Can you find 14 names of inventors and discoverers?
There are clues on the activity sheet.

Use the Links page to find these names.

3. Famous Inventors and discoverers - picture quiz
Print out the Famous Inventors and discoverers activity sheet.

Can you find out who these people were and why they are famous?

Use the Links page to help you with this.

4. Technology Time Line
Print out the Technology Time Line activity sheet.

Can you find out in what year these inventions or discoveries happened and then put them in chronological order (date order).

Use the Links page to find out about these inventions and discoveries.

5. A 'Famous Lives' database
Print out the 'Famous Lives' database activity sheet.

Use a computer database to record information about famous people. The example shows a 'record' from such a database showing facts about Thomas Edison. You could use the same 'fields' (name, where born etc.) or use your own headings for your database.

Use the Links page to find other places on the World Wide Web which can tell you about famous people.

6. Write a newspaper article
Print out the Newspaper Article activity sheet.

Write a newspaper article about an event in the life of a famous person.

Use a word-processor program or a desk-top publishing program to create the newspaper title, the headline and sub headings and lay out the words in two or three columns.

The example shows how Sarah used Claris Works to make an article about Thomas Babbage.

Use the Links page to find other places on the World Wide Web where there are facts and pictures of famous inventors and discoverers.

7. Are you an Inventor?
Print out the Are you an inventor? - activity sheet.

Could you invent something?

Think about the things in your life which you would like to do more quickly or more easily. Could you invent something to improve your life?

Talk to some other people - perhaps an old person or someone who is not able to move around as easily as you. Ask them what activities they find difficult - it may be something that you find easy like taking the top off a jar - and see if you can invent a device to make life easier for them.

Make a drawing of your invention and describe how someone would use it.

8. Future Discoveries and Inventions
Print out the Future Discoveries and Inventions activity sheet.

Nowadays new inventions and discoveries are an everyday occurrence and you can be sure that more and more will happen in the future.

List ten inventions or discoveries that you would like to see happen in the next ten years e.g. a car that doesn't cause pollution or a cure for cancer.
Then try to write your list in order of importance (with the most important first). Compare your list with a friend's and try to agree on a combined list.

A full index of the activity sheets (and the answer sheets) can be found on the Activity Sheet Index page.

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